Author: Patrick
posted: 06.08.2007


Pat Black and Steven Grant Smith have been composing and performing music together in wide-ranging styles and at various and sundry venues for nigh on 15 years now.  Multi-instrumentalist Black (acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, cello and harmonica) brings an eclectic sensibility to the table, whether with a heart-rending cello accompaniment or just diggin’ into a scorching electric guitar solo.  Smith, a former blues drummer, keeps pace with rhythm guitar and lead vocals; his remarkable tenor equally at home with dark folk ballads, pop/rock croonings or growling delta blues classics.  Currently performing with a full band (and often with special guest instrumentalists sitting in), Brother Blacksmith delivers a live performance that is at once dynamic, affective, infectious (in a good way…) and fun.  Hope you can make it out to a show soon and become a friend of the band!